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Become a training provider on Training Directory and get all the tools you need to find students for your classes quickly and easily. 


Our online course directory provides you with all the tools and technology you need to successfully advertise your training courses to a large audience of students searching for training. Spend less time worrying about finding students to fill up your classes and more time teaching and enriching those students’ lives.


Create Your Course Listing

Training Directory helps you create highly-engaging course listings and a seamless experience for registrants during their online course registration and checkout process. We supply the technology necessary for you to effortlessly launch, run, and manage your training courses online. 


Build a community

Use Training Directory to build a loyal community of students with software that drives customer satisfaction. Reach and engage your target audience and register more students by building long-lasting relationships with your students through student reviews and ratings of your courses and information on new courses that suit their interests.


Maximize your ROI with data-driven insights

Training Directory’s online platform allows you to focus your time and budget on the things that work with real-time course analytics and reporting features. As a result, you'll register more students with insights into how your training courses are performing, where your attendees find you online, and more.




Our goal is to simplify the process of finding students and growing attendance for your training courses.


Training Directory’s specialized platform provides you with an instant online presence that helps more students find your classes, and increases enrollment and revenue in less time. Sign up now and start taking advantage of all the benefits Training Directory has to offer. 


Targeted Marketing

Training Directory helps you save money on your marketing budget by providing you with a quick and easy way to market your training courses directly to a target audience that is searching for the training you offer. 


Real-time Reporting

You receive instant notification when someone registers for your classes, and you can access your class roster information at any time to make sure you are keeping track of your class sign-up. Training Directory also gives you access to your course data so you can improve your training and maximize the value you offer your students.


Customer Service Support

Our extraordinary customer support team not only helps students find and enroll in your classes, but they’re also here to assist you with course listing set-up, registration logistics, or any other questions you may have.


If you’re ready to become a training provider and list your courses on Training Directory, contact us today. 

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